Detox Fasting Yoga

To refresh body, mind and spirit

Detox Fasting Yoga

The Programme

This Fasting and Detoxification programme is based on freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broth with supplements designed to shift impacted waste material from your intestines. Be we meat eaters or vegetarians, we all have an amount of accumulated waste – mucoid plaque – that adheres to the walls of our intestines preventing the natural absorption of nutrients from our food, resulting in the cycle of continual eating. The body cries out for more nutrition and even though we have recently eaten we feel compelled to eat more to satisfy the demands.

The supplements, herbs in tablet form, combined with the bentonite clay and psyllium husk, break down this plaque and expel it from the system and we keep the colon clean with the clysmatic, a gravity fed, self administered colon hydrotherapy unit.

Combined with pranayamas, yoga asanas, meditation and Ayurvedic massage, toxins will be dispersed, leaving your body clean, your organs in a healthy condition and your natural peristaltic action rejuvenated.

A juice fast is the quickest, easiest and most comfortable way for your body to detox, while taking in over three times the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals each day and minimal calories, allowing for some steady weight loss, a natural by-product of fasting.

Toxins are absorbed by our bodies from all sorts of sources – from the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the lotions we apply to our bodies, the shampoos, the computer, mobile phone, the water we drink and even the air that we breathe. However pure and organic we believe our way of life, we are all at the mercy of these pollutants.

But help is at hand! In the Sivananda Ashrams, you have come to the right place, spiritual, safe and protected environments where you can relax, cut off from the outside world, adopt us as your family, focus on yourself – and we will help your body to get the toxins out and clean prana in!

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