Detox Fasting Yoga

To refresh body, mind and spirit


I spent 20 years carrying an excess of 10/15kgs – despite doing lots of sport. In June 2013, I was very lucky to stay with Chris and Karen ‘like at home’ doing their detox/juice fasting programme. It changed my life and my relationship with food. I lost 12kgs – even now, 1.5 years later – thank you!

― Alexandre

My time with Chris and Karen was awesome! I have 3.5 stones to lose, and over the ten day fast I lost 1.5 stones – joy! The yoga was brilliant, Karen! Thank you so much for your guidance and setting me on the right course.

― Phoebe

Not knowing what to expect on a fasting and detox programme, I just went ahead and signed up, but with the guidance of Mr Christopher, not only did I detox my body but also my mind. The amount of information shared by Mr Christopher changed my life. It’s an awesome programme and I am not stopping it but making it a yearly affair for my well being. Thank you Mr Christopher.

― Shailaja. K, Singapore (Dec 2014)

Excellent support and guidance was received from Chris. His knowledge and experience far exceeded what we expected to receive in this programme. Thank you Chris and your support team.

― Nidal (April 2015)

Since attending the Fasting and Detox course in Madurai, my life has definitely changed in a very positive way! I never felt this before and never thought it would be possible. So clear in mind, much quieter, inner peace, and happy with my body and weight, and confident about the future and life. The combination of Meditation, Yoga and the Fasting/Detox was awesome! Also the moral support and deep knowledge concerning food and health of Chris was extremely helpful. I highly recommend this course to everybody, who will learn more about health and well being. Thank you, ever so much, Chris, for your support and I really do feel blessed having met you and attended your course.

― Monica, Switzerland (Nov 2015)

YOU NEED THIS! I AM A TOTALLY NEW PERSON!!!! I really love to eat and before the Detox Fasting Course I ate foods that I believed were tasty. I’ve lived all around the world for work, as exciting as it was it became stressful. So after 10 years of work and travel, I became seriously constipated. I tried flushes and over the counter remedies, I went on diets, I even went to a colon irrigation clinic, and all of these made my ‘situation’ worse. My boyfriend and I discovered the Detox Fasting Course, so we decided to give it a try and it has made EVERYTHING so much better!! Following the strategic schedule provided, I slept restfully for the first time in years, I learned what delicious food really tastes like, I always felt good and satisfied after a juice and a broth. It was very unique and special to have such a kind and caring family to coach us along, allowing us to feel comfortable enough to speak freely about what we were hoping to accomplish and so finally thanks to this Detox Fasting Course I’ve had much success and I’m much happier and healthier to this day. Thank you Narayana (Chris) and Krishna Priya (Karen). I hold that time in such a special place in my heart, it’s where I got new again.

― Christina, USA